My name is Kathleen McGillick and this is a site to stir thought, light the flames of travel dreams and rekindle memories of travel.

My favorite part of this site is the special times I have had in Europe with my son, both of us achieving a global education in art, history, cultural differences and similarities. Travel is about the everlong journey of moving around your mental furniture.

We started traveling together when he was 10 years old and high technology was the game boy. At 18 he decided he was done, he had enough of Europe, a girl beckoned his attention homeward. Astonishing yes, gave up the travel.Giving up travel rethought since then, most definitetly . Every mile and moment we spent was a new adventure in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland,Wales, Scotland, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Together, each taking our best moments from there. Although we visited a number of the same cities and countries several times, each time was a new adventure with new memories and new travel skills.

After my son graduated from high school, I continued my travels to other areas a little less mainstream such as Russia, Finland, Prague, Budapest, Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Yet I continued to be pulled back to old favorites, time and time again. Returning always to the Tower of London and the Louvre. The comfortable old shoe. But, by far my best and most memorable travels, will always be with the little boy who thought the height of danger was staying to be swept from the Louvre at closing and some truly hilarious moments in Rothenburg. Once the grandchildren hit the age of travel I will most definitely make new and lasting memories with them. My granddaughter is already an avid cartographer studying every map she can get her hands on and my grandson loves the feel of Euros.

Unfortunately I did not start using Digital until 2005, fear of new technology. So the earlier pics from 1996-2005 are limited, scanned from scrapbook pictures and are grainy disposable point and shoots. More for memory fixing than travel encouragement. Most UK, Europe , Scandinavia and Russia pictures are under the first travel folder , in folders by countries (years interspersed) , My favorite multi country travel tours are under Rick Steves Best of Scandinavia 2000 (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), Rick Steves Best of Europe 2005(Netherlands, Germany, Austria,Italy, Switzerland,France), and 2011 (soon to be followed by another shortly in 2014) and Rick Steves Best of England 2013 (England and Wales). Clearly Rick Steves Tours is my favorite and most highly recommended travel company .

Photography wise, we are talking for the most part memories on this site, not high end photography as often tripods are forbidden or it is a fleeting moment that must be captured . Too many pictures, not enough filtering to discard some photos.

I have captured as many pictures as possible inside museums so upon return I can research the treasures. pour over and reconnect the history dots at leisure. Not so much for art works. You can never really capture the soul and pain of Carrivagio on film and it would not do it justice. Bernini, happy to capture his sculptures at the Borghese if photography was allowed.

If you want to check out a new bend in photography click on PHOTOGRAPHY below and then HIGH RESOLUTION to see Europe Pictures in High Dynamic Range. It is a software technique of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed.

My soul is filled with the adventure of travel !